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This sticker means the world to us. It was drawn in dedication to my father who was taken from us too soon due to Covid-19. After my father passed, I flew to Texas to be with my family. My father was a hobbyist gardener. His garden was his pride and joy. Each morning I would go outside with my coffee to watch the sun rise and just sit in his garden admiring the fruits of his labor. Each morning, there was always a bird that would venture closer and closer to me. I like to think it was a little message from my pops assuring me that he was ok. 

The day I drew this, it was a hard day. I was missing him and just wishing for a sign. Any kind of sign. As I was going to let Molly (our shop pup) out to use the potty. I walked out into the backyard with her and an American Robin flew into the yard and landed at my feet. This one is for you, pop.

"GOOD DAYS AHEAD" is the verbiage I chose, rather than "BETTER DAYS AHEAD" because in that exact moment- all I wanted was just a good day. 

This glossy sticker is approximately 3.25"x2.25" in size and is both weatherproof and scratch resistant.