Does anyone even read blogs anymore?

 A genuine question, however, I have been dabbling into the world of "self care" and unlearning that behavior...the one where talking about your feelings is taboo.  I believe that it is absolutely important to share my experiences and journey going through small business ownership.  If you're like me, I experience so much FOMO when I see other small businesses on Instagram sharing all of their amazing "pack orders with me" reels/tiktoks of them packing TONS of orders.  I want to see someone out there talking about the struggle.  Let me know that I'm not the only one that goes through those lows.  Seeing things like that really helps me to not feel so alone... & I hope you know that you are in good company.  We will get through this and we will continue to thrive!  On this blog I'll be sharing the highs and lows, tips, tricks, ALL-A-DAT.  I want us all to thrive, we all deserve to eat!
Thank you for being here.
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